Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Out the Office Window...

I work on the 11th floor of my building and the windows face south. We overlook a valley and when it's foggy, the entire view (from the far south mountains) is hardly visable. All day long, the view changes and it is truly the best view of the building. Seasonably, it is spectacular. From the first tint of spring green, the full-on green of the summer leaves, the fall riots of crimson, russet and ochre to the bare sculptural trees and white of winter, we are treated to a museum quality daily painting...out the window.

(The first two pictures were taken from my office window the end of June)

(I took the following pictures this afternoon. Cool clouds, huh? As a painter, I have a habit of looking at clouds...they amaze me...)

(The big arched roof in these pictures is the roof of the War Memorial which is across the street from my office. They hold all kinds of shows in there and it is the home of the Syracuse Crunch hockey team.)

(The squarish buildings in the picture above is the Everson Museum of Art. One of my paintings has been hung in that building.)

(Looking down at the War Memorial.)

What do you see 'out the window'?


  1. Nothing that glorious...only my weedy back yard that desperately needs mowing!
    Cool beans about the art exhibit. I'm pressed as heck!

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