Saturday, June 12, 2010

Common Keepings Antique Show

I'm a little behind in my posting, but I have to make a point of mentioning the "Common Keepings" antique show. It's a new show that looks like will become an annual show! Great time was had by all. The exhibitors were knowledgeable, the prices were reasonable and the selection was great! It was a kind of fluke that I went and I'm glad that I did. Thanks Janet for a wonderful time!

Martha makes the most wonderful soy candles!

The hall was packed with Americana and collectible patriotic items.

Check out those quilts!

This is one of my finds. Look at my bird mansion!

Judy and I did pretty well...filled the back seat and the trunk!

The bird house and tabletop cupboard that I got.

I mention this because, if you are from the Syracuse area or within driving distance...keep an eye peeled for the next show! I'll try to remember to post when I hear about it. I recommend that you make the trip...not too many dealers...only about 30 or so...but quality pieces! For more pictures please see my friend and fellow shopper Judy's blog Orchard Drive West! (and while you're there, check out her great header picture! Love those flags!)


  1. hi tami. thanks so much for your sweet words on my post. it really helps to know that you care.



  2. Tami,
    Thanks for the heads up on this show. I'll be watching for it next year as I am nearby in Baldwinsville. I posted about a garden junk show recently. It's held in Rochester and is amazing! You should check it out. Do you go to the Great American Antiquefest in Longbranch park? I love that show.

  3. Thanks for the shout out!!



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