Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cupboard Doors...check!

The back story:
I have a customer at the antique shop that owns a converted barn. He and his family converted it and then lived in it until a year or so ago. When they became 'empty nester's', Jay and his wife down-sized their household into a condo but kept the converted barn and turned it into a rental/vacation property. The property overlooks beautiful Cazenovia Lake and some very famous paintings have been done by some well known artists over the years. William Boardman in about 1848, painted the view from this vantage point and the folk art painting is very aptly named 'Cazenovia From The West'.

So, after the move to the condo, Jay decided that the 4-door shaker cupboard that they had custom made for the barn/house and had been moved into his new 'office' in the condo, was kind of boring. He asked me if I would do a folk art painting on the inside of the top 2 cupboard doors so that when he left the doors open to showcase his collectibles, there would be something interesting on the inside to look at. The only things he required were that the painting be folk art style, that the outside stiles of the door be painted black to resemble a frame and that there be a couple of animals and birds in the painting. I finished them last night and he'll pick them up tomorrow. The hinged edge of the doors are toward the middle of the picture as I've set them up for the picture.

Mission accomplished!

**By the way, if you're interested in the house, the link above is connected to the realty company that handles the rentals. There are pictures. Jay has travelled the country and searched far and wide to refurnish the barn/house using many antiques and collectibles suited to it's style.

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  1. WOW!! They are FABULOUS Tami!!!! Lucky guy to have found YOU!
    You should travel home to home with paint box like Rufus Porter! xoxoxoxoxoxoo



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