Sunday, December 12, 2010

Serenity Sunday...week 76

This is what it's like to live in Syracuse in the winter. There are tons of YouTube videos from this week, but of the ones I've seen, this depicts it best. We gripe about it, curse it, in some cases, detest it...but then the quiet serene beauty of the snowfall captures our imagination and it becomes a beautiful painting of white. We are way above average in our snow totals already and it's only been a week of snowfall. Here, without further the feature of the week...YouTube video of the snow capitol of the country (cities of over 100 thousand residents) after our first snowfall for Winter 2010...

**personal was miserable driving this past week and might be again this all the safe and stay warm! Oh, and keep your eyes open for the for photos of our Christmas Open house from a couple of weeks ago. The post should be up today or tomorrow!

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