Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Road trip?

Yes, it was traumatic and she didn't look at me or sit on my lap for an hour afterwards, but Coco (my cat) had to go to the Doctor today. She needed to have blood work, so it was fasting today...no snacks when I got home from work. That, ticked her off to begin with, then there was the pet carrier to deal with.

Let's give a little back story first. My Cat, Coco is almost 20 years old. She's a petite, grey tiger who has never stepped her dainty toes outside. She has gone to the Doc's for visits, but other than wandering out to the screen porch in the summertime, it's indoors for her and she's happy that way.

A couple years ago she was diagnosed with a thyroid condition that can be and is controlled with medication. In order to get those tiny pills, she must undergo blood work. And there, my friends, lies the controversy. She loathes going for a ride in the car. By the way she yowls and bellows, you'd think she was being kidnapped.

The first step is to try to get her into the carrier without her figuring it out. Not an easy task...but do-able. Trying to outsmart a cat is not for amateurs. You have to bait and switch, bribe and finally sweep in and scoop her up to do it. The carrier must be covered or camouflaged and you can not even look like you might be thinking about it.

In the end, it was probably the easiest time I've ever had, getting her into that carrier. The car ride was, quiet even. Don't know why, but it was pretty easy for a change. From start to finish, it was fairly quick. Five minute ride to see the good Doc...fifteen minutes there and another five minutes to get home. Granted, she wasn't happy by a long shot, and she ignored me for about an hour or so afterwards, but it went off without a hitch!

All is well in my house tonight. Coco is now 'speaking' to me and another road trip is now history.

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