Friday, November 6, 2009

Help me celebrate my 75th post! A give-away!

It seems there is a tradition among bloggers (at least most of those that I read) that invites the readers to help celebrate milestones of different kinds or anniversaries etc.

Now it's my turn to host a give-away!


South Street Shabby's Christmas Box

to celebrate my 75th post!

It took a while to get the ornaments (any other time they would be in the stores long ago, but because I wanted them, they didn't turn up until last week.) and then they had to be put together. The rest of the pieces I gathered pretty easily and so here it is...

The box will include the following...

St. Nick's Magical Key

An antique skeleton key on a gold ribbon. The key is attached

to an original poem that explains the magical key and how it will

allow Santa to enter your home on Christmas Eve Night.

St. Nick's Key

On this magical night,

with his reindeer high in flight,

Santa flies from house to house,

and fills all the stockings, quiet as a mouse.

Those with no chimney,

don't need to worry,

this special key and magic words,

will help Santa do all his Christmas work.

Close your eyes, so you can't see,

say these words and count to three...

"I believe with all my might,

on this special night of nights,

I've been good and I've been nice,

There's Christmas magic in my heart tonight."

This magic key will open the door for Santa on Christmas Eve Night.

Christmas bells!

Two pair of rusty christmas bells, dusted with mica snow

and hanging on a mossy green satin ribbon.

...another view (pic not so good)

...another view of the (two pair) rusty bells...

Ok...the best part...

Eight hand-painted original glass christmas tree ball ornaments.

Four are silver glass with pink and white roses and rose buds and the remaining four are pearly-white glass with pink and white roses and rose buds. They are all tied atop the ornaments with a mossy green satin ribbon. I paint and sell tons of these every year and they are great as hostess

gifts, hung on a tree, placed in a cut glass bowl as shown, hung in windows or over mirrors.

(close up of a pearly-white ball)

(silver ball on the left and pearly-white on the right)

(shown in a cut glass bowl)

(glass bowl not included)

How to enter my give-away:

1) Leave a comment that tells me where you are from and your favorite Christmas decoration or tradition. (This will be one entry.)

2) Complete #1 and become a follower. (This will be your second entry.)

3) Post a link about my give-away on your blog and send me an email ( telling me that you did. (This will be your third entry.)

** You may enter starting now and entries will continue through Saturday November 14th at midnight eastern time.

**The winner will be drawn and announced on Sunday November 15, 2009.

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!


  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and encouraging post on my blog!

    And what a delight that I found you are having this beautiful giveaway when I came over to yours. Loving those little bells and the ornaments are so beautifully painted! As for your questions...I am from Rochester, NY...and my favorite Christmas tradition is watching all of the Christmas movies on TV every year. In fact, I get the schedule online and write them in my calendar so I don't miss any! {OH and my favorite is Prancer since it came out when I was about the same age as the girl in it and I have watched it almost every year since then}

    Blessings to you!

  2. I live in Southern California, where we have a very long summer, not much of an autumn, a short winter and brief spring...then back to summer! But...Christmas is my favorite holiday! I can't wait to get out all the decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. Mr. CCC and I started a tradition on our first Christmas together, 34 years ago, of buying a Hallmark dated ornament. I lovingly take them our of their boxes and cherish memories of when I bought the ornament, what it represents (my favorite is Baby's First Christmas..for our son)while deciding on the perfect place on the Christmas tree :-) Your decorations would be perfect for one of our two trees (we have to have two trees now for all the Happy Holidays!

  3. Alice...I do the same thing! I found a few years back that there is a concise list of holiday movies and specials online and I print and put it on the refrigerator so I don't miss any!
    Cheryl...I love looking back and the memories that my tree decorations bring to mind every year. Amazing how a simple tree decoration can snap you back 20 yrs..

    Thanks ladies, for entering my give-away!

  4. those ornaments are beautiful...
    i'm from kansas city~ and my favorite tradition is decorating the tree with my girls while we listen to christmas music. i know. very traditional tradition. it can't be topped!

  5. My favorite tradition at Christmas is setting up the tree and cherishing each and every ornament that has been collected over the years. When I was a new bride in 1965 I found that I did not have a single ornament to put on my tree so I made them out of a milk weed pods. Every since then I have handmade an ornament for my tree and one for each of my grandchildren then when they marry I will give them "their" present of Christmas.
    I came from Thoughts from Alice and the lovely comment that you left her.
    I have been blogging for over one year at
    I have been added as a follower and will add you to my blog roll. Lovin' what I read so far & I will be back.

  6. Chasity,Thanks for stopping by and leaving a wonderful comment! I have no doubt your holiday traditions are followed year to year, your family is so close knit and I'm sure, memories will be remembered for generations to come. :-)
    Sharon, welcome! I'm so happy you found me and are able to participate in my give-away! Your tradition is something that warms my heart in particular. Making things myself is, well, who I am. I am no stranger to handmade ornaments and actually perfer them! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. What a wonderful giveaway Tami!! I would love to be entered into your giveaway!! I'm a follower and am posting about your giveaway as well....what beautiful treasures Tami.

    One of my favorite traditions is our family gathering together on Christmas Eve and having dinner with each much love is around us you can feel it in the room!! ~ xxoo, Dawn

  8. What a beautiful giveaway, I would like it so much to be entered into your giveaway. Our family tradition has always been Christmas eve together. Even as a child our family did this. I'm from Wisconsin and love the snow. Thanks,Carol

  9. Hi, I live in Lancaster Co, Pa, in the country. My favorite Christmas tradition started when we were little- we went to my great-grandparent's house for gifts, as Santa had already been there on his trip around the world. Later, is was at my grandmother's, and now it's at my parent's. As a parent now, it so fun to see the kids faces!

  10. Hi, I'm Julia. I'm from Russia, from Saint-Peterburg. But now I moved to Hungary to my husband Áron.
    In Hungary I know that on Christmas every family gather together, make presents, have dinner with main dish made from cabbage. Last Christmas I made handmade presents and cards to everybody! And they really enjoyed them! I was so happy. On the New Year in Hungary you have to eat lentil soup to be rich)))
    In Russia Christmas time from 6 to 7 January!!! Every believer spend this night in church where there is official ceremony, others with family at home with a lot of food: pancakes, fish, jellied meat etc. From Christmas night Sochelnic begins: time of festivals, enjoings, masked balls. At this time young women try to seek their fortune usings plays, cards, different ways.
    But I think in Russia New Year the most famous, important and family holiday. I always spent it with my family, parents and sister. There are always champagne, Olivye salad, Fish salad, mashed potatoes on the table and real Christmas tree in the room!

  11. Such a nice giveaway! I would have to say my favorite tradition would be getting together, and as of the last 5 years hosting, my husband's family's Polish Wigelia, C'mas Eve, dinner.

    My favorite bit of decorating for the season would be any ornament that was a gift. When I take them out every year to place on the tree, I take a moment to stop and think of that person.

    I would love to own one of your beautiful ornaments. I'll be sure to make mention of your giveaway on my blog. Thanks so much - keeping my fingers crossed!

  12. Dawn, Carol Mae, Lee, Julia and Carla, Welcome! It's so fun to hear of the family traditions that are still kept alive. Kind of nice to know that some things are still sacred. :-) Good luck in my give-away!

  13. How cute is this! And just in time for holiday decorating! I just love everything in your giveaway.

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhh - I love the bells dusted with mica snow. Wonderful! Happy Anniversary.
    SuZeQ ~~

  15. I love all the items in your giveaway. I love all things Christmas. My favorite way to decorate my tree is with Christmas balls. I have old ones, painted ones, and balls with tatting and crochet. You do beautiful work.

  16. I'm glad to meet you. I came over from Carla at CosmoGirls blog. Your giveaway is FABULOUS and I would LOVE to be entered.♥ I am living in Southern Oklahoma with my hubby and daughter. My favorite ornamenets are the vintage looking glass ones....they are so beautiful. My favorite tradition is my mom and dad being here and watching Lexi (she still believes at 10) get up and go see what Santa has brought. I have also become a follower to your beautiful blog.

  17. wow, what a great give away! I am from TN. my favorite christmas decorating are hand painted waterford ornaments. (Now cheat for me) lol just kidding!

  18. Hello, I'm from Jim Thorpe, Pa and I would have to say my favorite Christmas ornament that I own would be my glass bells ornament. I bought it when for our first Christmas tree after I was married and in our own place together. My favorite tradition, well I guess it is just getting up with my kids and watching them open their gifts. Thank you for the chance to win one of your wonderful gifts.

  19. Hi, I live on the Space Coast in Florida, been here for 5 years and lived the other part of my life in North Carolina..

    My favorite ornament for Christmas is really old Santa balls ornies with beards and the beards are looking pretty stringy but still I love them, got them when m first baby was born...

    My family tradition, just a big get together with all the me, Family is what Christmas is all about.

  20. Hi Tami! Found you through Dawn at the Feathered Nest. Your blog is beautiful, and thank you for the very generous giveaway!! Also, congrat's on your 75th post! I am a jewelry artist, mixed media artist, and love many and all things beautiful!! My favorite ornaments are from my gram, vintage German glass balls that are patterned with very ornate recessed designs in them and they are very colorful...almost look like some type of mercury glass! They are my little treasure. That combined with my 20 year old daughter's first handmade school ornament from kindergarten!
    I joined in your followers!!

  21. Fun! My favorite holiday tradition has got to be decorating the tree. I enjoy going to get the tree with the family, setting it up, and then decorating as a family. Of course my other favorite is all the fabulous dinners and get togethers with the extended family.

  22. Hi Tami...I just found your blog via Dawn at The Feathered Nest. Can't wait to spend some time looking at past posts to see what I've been missing. Our favorite holiday tradition is spending extra time with family and friends. As I'm sure most of you can agree, sometimes we get so tied up with everyday necessities we don't take the time to enjoy loved now is the time. One of my resolutions for next year is to take more time for others. Thanks for sharing with the world and I'll be back soon. Nancy in So California

  23. P.S. Just signed up to be a follower! Nancy in So California

  24. Like Nancy (above) I found you through Dawn.
    I am in Washington State and we used to be known as the Christmas Tree Capital ~ but I don't think we hold that distinction anymore! My favorite tradition is hunting for and cutting our own Christmas tree up in the forest! No matter what it looks like, we always think this year's is the best!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  25. What beautiful ornaments! I also found you through Dawn :) I'm from Pittsburgh, PA and am actually looking forward to starting some new traditions with my 2.5 year old this year. She's really starting to understand the whole holiday concept and it's so much fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I am not sure I came back and stated that I blogged about your giveaway- I also became a follower

  27. What wonderful treasures!!!

    I'm from Eugene, Oregon.

    I love silver and glitzy for my tree, or anything pink and glitzy.
    Can you tell i love glitzy?? =0))

    Congratulations on your 75th post.

    bless gins

    barbara jean

  28. Congratulations on 75 posts! I'm from Idaho. There isn't anything I don't love about Christmas. From wrapping gifts to making candy. We always had a special Christmas Eve dinner with family & friends. Everyone would bring their favorite Christmas food, we'd exchange a couple gifts, listen to and sing songs, and often pull out a board game. Lots of wonderful memories of those times.

    Nita Jo

  29. Hi, Tami! The best thing about blogger giveaways is the chance to hop over to someone's blog and meet a new friend! I found you through Dawn of The Feathered Nest--I am enjoying my visit to your blog--and your giveaway is so generous; the Christmas ornaments you paint are just gorgeous--you are very talented! I am from the Sacramento area of California, grew up in southern California, where, of course, we never had white Christmases, but we still had wonderful family traditions. One of my favorites is to have hot eggnog in a special cup when we decorate the tree. My dad started that when I was very small, and I have carried that tradition on with my own children and grandchildren. Have a wonderful day! Smiles, Jann

  30. I would love to win the giveaway, who wouldn't? All the treasurers are beautiful. I am from Iowa and my Christmas traditions are giving my 5 grandchildren all a special ornament for their tree someday. I also love to sit at night and look at the Christmas tree all decorated and lite, it takes me back to my childhood and being so happy and excited. It is the most wonderful time of the year. God Bless you and yours. I am a follower now. Hugs Theory just a country gal in Iowa.

  31. Congrats to you! I am from Alberta,Canada and my favorite Christmas decoration is my tree top steeple-passed down to me from my Mom and very special to me.

    Elaine R

  32. Tami, I'm from the Mid-Ohio valley. My favorite thing at Christmas is SANTA! Oh I must have that key!
    Dear santa, Ive been mostly good. Please bring me that key. With a hopeful heart - Bill

  33. AAAGH! Tami, I swear up and down I left a comment earlier. Darn Blogger!!!
    Let's just see if this one gets posted. We have several traditions here at Casita de Trash...where to start. We always have tamales on Christmas Eve, there are always sausage balls Christmas morning and it's the one time I make everyone sit together at the table.
    The one tradition I keep trying to get rid of is this one white flocked tree I've had for about 20 years (no kidding). Every year for the past 5, I've tried not to get it out and every time, my grown children pitch a hissy fit. To them, it's just not the same without that smelly old tree. So I drag her out of the barn, load her up with sparkle and try not to notice that she tilts to the left...kinda like me! Hey, maybe that's why they love her so much!
    P.S. You know I love a good party and I wouldn't miss this one for the world.

  34. Well I would post my favorite traditon but it seems mom has already beat me to it. Yes there is something magical about that ugly old tree once she gets it all shinny with decorations that takes us back to the first year we got it. That and the cherry balls my mom get from the grocery store. They are hard candy on the outside and gum in the center. We get them left in our stocken by Santa Pop. Only hope Bella can have the same great memories we had. And Cat Daddy signing it's begining to look alot like christmas dididi.. (he dosen't know the words.) they day after Thanksgiving.

  35. Tami, have I ever told you I am on dial up at home? Seriously. So, I recall opening this, but my computer locked up and it was hopeless. I am at work now, and here I am. Shhh. I'm from Texas. My fav what? Ornament? Tradition, I think. I love "doing" Christmas with my parents Christmas morning and then enjoying a humongous breakfast with BACON. Love me some bacon. I think I am following, but I will double check. I know I love your writing. Thanks for reminding me! ~Mindy

  36. Welcome all of my 'new' friends and those of you who I've known through blogging! I'm afraid I've been busy and didn't keep up with the 'Welcomes' and 'Hellos'! Thanks for sharing your traditions and how you celebrate your holidays!
    Keep in mind that there are only a few more days left to enter for the give-away! Tell your friends and families, send them over!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  37. What a fun give away! I am from California but my Grandparents were from Sweden. My favorite Christmas Decoration is my Straw Ram and Straw ornaments for my tree. It makes me feel so Swedish!



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