Friday, November 27, 2009

What now?

Thanksgiving is over, save for the wonderful leftovers. I came home with the makings of delectable turkey sandwiches, hot and cold, from dinner with my family.

I live in a somewhat rural area and my parents live a scant eight miles from me. So driving from my small town to theirs takes in some beautiful scenery that changes from day into night. Old farm houses and acres of wooded land cover most of the drive. In the evening, I can see into those old homes (not in a weird way) and through the uncovered windows it's comforting to see the families gathered around a table or in a family room. Driveways and roadsides are filled with vehicles and it just gives you a warm feeling knowing that so many families are celebrating the holiday of giving thanks, together.

(A painting that I did a couple of years ago.)

So, now what? The oven is off, the leftovers are in the fridge and the tradition of Thanksgiving has been fulfilled. The attic door will open, the decorations will start trickling down. I put my lights on the garden arch over the sidewalk that leads to my porch door, last night while the weather was warm. Traditionally, I like to light the outdoor decorations on Thanksgiving night. I use all white lights and other than the arch and something on the porch, I rarely do much more as far as lighting goes. I used to light the tree (s) in the front of the house, but they are just too big for me to do now.

(Photo courtesy of the world wide web. I've had it for years and sincerely don't know where it's from.)

I looked through the ads last night and nothing jumped out at me, or at least enough to make me want to get up at 4am and join the many shoppers in the stores. I have been there and stood in line for an hour to shop on black Friday many times. Honestly, its kind of fun and a great kick -off to the Christmas season. Standing in line, people are ready for shopping, they are sharing ads, sipping coffee and usually, freezing cold, but in a jolly mood none the less.

(I love this photo of a winter cabin that I found online last year. Kind of cozy, huh?)

(Photo courtesy of Countryliving magazine online.)

(Photo courtesy of Countryliving magazine online.)

Our first real snowfall happened overnight. I woke to (only) about 1 inch, which has vanished already. We had a dusting of snow a couple weeks ago, but it didn't happen at the airport, so it wasn't measured for the official snowfall total. We are so late for measurable snowfall. Yesterday the temps were so warm that I really only needed to wear a light quilted vest. It was just a little weird not having snow. I don't mind so much, but know that later, we'll certainly pay for the lack of snow, with big totals later in the season. It's just how it works around here.

(My own backyard a couple of years ago.)

I've already looked online to get a concise and printable schedule of all the Christmas TV shows and specials. Heaven forbid I miss "Christmas In Connecticut" (with Barbra Stanwick) or "White Christmas"!

(This and the following are photos taken from my porch door last year.)

So, in conclusion, this season promises to be a busy one. I have a few parties to attend (one next week already), lots of days working at the shop, shopping and a little decorating as well. Let's try to remember to keep the holiday magic working, the patience of the Saints and good will in our hearts.


  1. Your winter painting is wonderful and fits in with all the other lovely winter scenes you posted. We are having much needed rain over here. Best wishes for the holiday season. :) Tammy

  2. You really are a renaissance woman with your many talents like art and poetry, aren't you?
    After all the hours spent at W&T's decorating, I think I'm going to go for simple here at home. Never done it before, but I'm up for the challenge of dialing it back.
    While looking at your photos, I kept playing that song in my know..."over the river and through the woods" one! Your home looked beautiful in the snow!

  3. I love your painting!!! I too love to pain - although it has been awhile... I love your blog and I am now a follower.



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