Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Record!

Update: Widespread snowfall

ends 287-day streak for

Central New York

That was the headline this afternoon.

Finally...snow in snow country!

Ummm...not that I was looking forward to it too much...

I was secretly doing a little happy dance every time the

snow skirted our area without stopping in to say 'hello'!

The biggest snow plow in the world is the 32-foot,

3-inch blade attached to a payloader at Hancock International

Airport, Syracuse, NY. The 48-inch tall piece of steel can clear

8,500 cubic yards of snow in an hour.

(Cleaning a runway at Hancock International Airport with

the world's biggest snow plow.

Only 28 feet of its blade was being used.)


  1. I want snow like that!!! We had a few flurries here in Texas ( and that was a BIG deal). I want to make a snow angel just once in my

  2. The snow was pretty but I sure hated driving to work this morning, I am sure you ended up with more than us.

  3. That snowplow is scary big. Hope you're enjoying the white stuff! ~Mindy

  4. Hope you are safe and warm -- I heard there's been so much snow in the Buffalo area. Blessings, :) Tammy



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