Sunday, December 6, 2009

Serenity Sunday...week 32

First Snow
It falls aimlessly from the sky,
slowly, gracefully and without a plan.
Light, sparkling stars wandering towards the earth,
form a fluffy covering over the leafless trees and frozen ground.
But it’s a comforting site, the fresh wintry layer of glistening snow,
with it, comes memories of lazy Sunday afternoons by a warm a cozy fire,
hot cocoa and snuggling happily while watching through the frosted windows
as the snow falls and covers everything in sight
in a perfect, pristine blanket of white.

Tamara J. Egan

*Yesterday evening, we had a little snow. It's so unusual for us, being known for having big snow totals, not to have had any measurable snow this late in the season. I have to admit, it makes it easier to get around and plan things, but it sure seems strange not to have a blanket of white and flurries follow you around. I'd be surprised if what we got was even recorded as measurable. In my yard you can see the grass and there is no snow on the sidewalks or streets...just weird....


  1. I know y'all get so much snow, it's hard to imagine how excited we get about it down here in Texas. Even when we get some, it's nothing like y'alls. I call it Texas snow...dirt, grass and white! But oh the calm, peaceful quiet that accompanies it!

  2. That first snow is always so special. I love your little rabbit. Thanks for visiting today.



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