Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nobody told me! or am I the only one who knows?

Imagine my surprise when walking through Target this afternoon, I stumbled upon this magazine!

Apparently, Meridith Corporation has decided to put out Country Home again! The one I picked up was dated 'late summer' and is on shelves until mid September at which time another edition will be released (around September/October)! The inside near the binding says that CH will be published 2x/yr...July and October. Maybe if we keep it sold out they will increase it and bring it back the way it should be.

YAHOO! I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself...:-)

Thanks Meredith...I really missed Country Home!


  1. Hi Tami! Well don't feel alone. I just saw it today at the grocery store and couldn't get home fast enough to blog about it. I didn't even edit the pics and had just done a huge new post already but wanted to put this out there. Do you think all the pics are archives? I thought some looked like I had never seen them before. Well anyway, I'm glad it's back as CL is becoming less appealing every month.





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