Friday, January 9, 2009

After the storm....

The snow storm total, in my neck of the woods, was about knee high. Other places, not even far from me, had more and even other areas had less. That's the thing about "Lake Effect Snow", it varies town to town, street to street. I can drive only 3 1/2 miles, and as verified yesterday, and the totals will be different.

The sun was shining brightly this morning as if nothing had even happened yesterday! Glittering like diamonds, the snow drifts were undulations of white and blue shadow. BEAUTIFUL! The skies were clear and blue, no clouds, no indication of the havoc Mother Nature created on the previous day. Nothing is more spectacular than snow piled up on far reaching tree branches against a brilliant blue sky and a carpet of pure white snow.

I wrote a poem about the first snow of the season a few years ago, and although it's not our first snow, I remembered it this morning. Enjoy!

First Snow
It falls aimlessly from the sky,
slowly, gracefully and without a plan.
Light, sparkling stars wandering towards the earth,
form a fluffy covering over the leafless trees and frozen ground.
But it’s a comforting site, the fresh wintry layer of glistening snow,
with it, comes memories of lazy Sunday afternoons by a warm a cozy fire,
hot cocoa and snuggling happily while watching through the frosted windows
as the snow falls and covers everything in sight
in a perfect, pristine blanket of white.

Tamara J. E.

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