Sunday, March 22, 2009 beginnings, fresh starts... beginnings, fresh starts and all that goes with it. That's where we are. Mother Nature is giving us a helping hand. For me it seems that spring is a better time for renewal than the new year. It's when the air is freshly washed and the soil has been turned to reveal new growth. We "spring clean" to invoke a sense of cleanliness, why not 'clean' ourselves of the old and renew our attitudes? Seems to me it's should be a regular part of our spring ritual. Enjoy your spring and do whatever it is that makes you the best you can be....

Slowly, methodically,
I retraced my footsteps,
reached far back into my memory,
remembered the moments of my life.
I looked for the where’s, when’s,
the what’s, and how’s,
the who’s and why’s,
that brought me to today.
I needed to find out what shaped me,
molded me, into the person I am.
The trip down memory lane made me realize
that I didn’t regret a moment of my life.
I didn’t want to change anything at all,
because changing only one moment,
one decision, would have changed
not only my life, but the lives of those I love.
When I reached my destination,
It was clear to me who I am,
And I was pleased to have taken the journey.

Tamara J.E.
August 12, 2001

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