Sunday, June 14, 2009

Serenity Sunday...Week 7

In a Balloon

In a balloon, I can soar far into the sky,
Beyond any false boundaries,
beyond the limits of gravity.
I am the pilot, and the navigator,
mapping my own course,
letting my heart guide the way.

In a balloon, I can see far into my future,
and I can retrace my past adventures,
using memories and life lessons…
to better plot my new path.

In a balloon, I can see clearly
the mistakes and triumphs
that are the footsteps of my life,
the passage that brought me to this new journey.

In a balloon, I can do all of this,
With faith, hope and confidence,
without fear and self-doubt,
And still believe in my heart,
I am my own pilot.

Tamara J. Egan
July 9, 2001


  1. Have a very happy birthday!!! Live it up girl! It only comes once a year :)

  2. Hi collecting chippy(in every room!)and photographing.I saw an old vintage beach building with chippy aqua I have to take pic of....'townie's' think I am nutty!? They always ask me "Why are you taking a picture of 'THAT'? Ugh! New Englander's are surrounded by chippy.Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty that is around me under gray skies!
    So refreshing,inspiring..lovely blog too!
    Thank You Denise

  3. I would love to give that a try...I have never been up in a balloon, but it sure looks fun.

  4. Denise....I think you might have left a comment on the wrong blog.:-) I'm Tami, not Rachel... Thanks anyway!



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