Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Madison-Bouckville Antique Show

Last week/weekend was the annual Madison-Bouckville Antique Show. My friends and I actually went on Wednesday to shop 'town' before the 'in-field' opened. I'm going to let my 'not-so-good' pictures tell the story. For more on the show stop over to my friend Judy's Blog.

YUP! That's right...over a thousand dealers at the big show on the 'in-field'.

There are a couple of hundred dealers that set up along the streets, in yards and parking lots for the week before the actual show. For many years, I have shopped 'town' and skipped the big show. It's just easier for me to go during the week.

This doesn't really begin to show you the many, many dealers in town. Imagine both sides of the street filled to capacity with tents and booths, filling yards and all empty spaces, for about a mile and a half...and remember....this isn't even the main show!

This railroad cart was ticketed at $275.00!

Awesome, HUGE table!

I love these yard long photos from the 1920's or so. I have one, but it didn't come framed...

Hey Judy....doing anything on Labor Day?

Hey, I know there's a market for these doll sculptures...
...but honestly folks....they give me nightmares!

Judy bought a couple of pennants here...

So....I got this soap barrel top.
I thought it was kind of cool and I like the texture of it. It cleaned up nice...

I picked up this sign too! It'll look great on my wall.

I grabbed this small plate too. I know it's not 'priceless' but I needed a small blue and white plate for the dining room wall arrangement. It was only $1.00! How could I pass it up? You can see more about the show Laura at 52 flea and if I find more...I'll make sure you're the first to know!


  1. Oh Tami, I sure do wish I had gone now. Thanks for sharing your photos. I just love that show. I too rarely make it inside the field, I don't think I've ever made it down the whole street both sides yet!

  2. OMG

    I am missing that fabulous show. I sure need more info about great shows like that. I want that entire basket of bull's eyes.

    Your flo blue plate was a steal $1.00. I can remember when those sold for a lot like $30.00 each.

    Those baskets all piled up looks like this man who goes to Asia and buys all he can and ships back. I forgot his name , use to look at his web page.

    Anyway wanted to say Hi, I found you On Elizabeth's page, the lady in Kansas City Mo, I just adore her creations.


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  4. omg! I'm so upset that we couldn't go. Next year I'm gonna come up during the week. I WANT those hands ... ALL OF THEM! :) This is SO similar to what Brimfield looked like, too. Oh - so upset I couldn't go.

  5. Wow what a show!! Although the tin can doll head babies sort of creeped me out yet oddly I was drawn to them. Weird.

    That rail cart is exactly what I need for my living room coffee table. And what a steal of a price. Too bad it would cost me a fortune to pick it up! lol

  6. How I´d love to go to a show like this! Never seen such a big one. I imagine you can spend the whole weekend there and never get to see everything! Glad you had a great time, Tami!

  7. Oh MY GOSH!!! How I would have loved to be there! That pile of baskets is giving me goosebumps. Looks fabulous!



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