Sunday, August 1, 2010

Serenity Sunday...week 60

As I begin down a new path,
each step taken gingerly,
being careful not to stumble,
I remember the road I had taken before.

A well worn footpath,
winding it’s way into my future,
only wide enough for one to travel,
lies behind me, as I travel forward.

Looking back, as I go,
I see the friends I’ve made,
experiences that shaped me,
leaving a mark of maturity on my life.

Using what you’ve learned,
makes it easier, more comfortable,
to move forward, take risks,
and move along the path to a new adventure.

Tamara Egan
**I wrote this poem for my (now former) coworkers back in 2004 as I was leaving to begin a new job. It was heartfelt and after working in the same office for many years, it was time for a change. Now, I see that it was possibly the best move I ever made.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. I did, however, as was entirely TOO SHORT!

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  1. Lovely tami! Perfect poem for leaving one avenue and taking a step out onto another! :) Thanks for stopping by my Sunday Saver post. Wasn't that table AMAZING?!?!? And for $300!?!?!? NO WAY! I could hardly believe it. I've been looking for a round table for months for the dining room - and that one is great - though Scott is ANTI round tables in the DR. I need a new husband! LOL!



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