Friday, August 7, 2009

BARN SALE: Serving Wine and Cheese...

I got an email notice: Private Sale at "The Barn"! 4-8:30pm, Friday evening, August 7, 2009. Wine and cheese will be served. Well, hey...that's my kind of sale! I had invited a couple of friends as my guests and Wendy came with me. This is a picture of the house...nice, huh?
As the sun was setting and we were leaving I snapped a picture of the front of the big barn. I guess I wasn't able to shade the setting sun from my viewfinder, but the picture turned out kind of cool. Inside those doors there are lots of treasures!
This is a long shot to one of the other out buildings on the property. Nice little garden in front of this one and a view of the chairs that were for sale and lining the walkway up to the main building.

Awesome shelf I got for my new workroom! I paid $35, but it's pretty good size. Imagine all the supplies I can stack on this one! I think I'll put it on top of my work table.

This is a cool birdcage and stand that Wendy picked up for a song! Cast iron base on this one and it looks like the cage is hand made! Metal scrollwork and wood. Really nice find Wendy!

We stood the cage up on my walkway in front of my house and darned if I didn't miss the picture of the base of it! (Like the Lucky Brand Bag I scored at Marshalls Home Goods last week for $69?? I do!!!)

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  1. That is some fabulous finds! The bird cage is the most unique I have seen. The shelving also has some unique design on the top. I love your barn picture!



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