Sunday, August 16, 2009

Serenity Sunday...week 16

(Country Living Magazine 9/09)


  1. Tami, did I ever tell you that my in-laws live in Binghamton? they just moved there a couple of months ago. Three weeks after "the shooting".

  2. I agree with the fact I'll take it one step further! A house is bought...a home is made. I'm sure Ms. Maynard would just LOVE me for changing her words.
    Speaking of words, thank you for your sweet ones. They really lifted me and I appreciate it so much. I really can't change the way I "talk" on my blog...I yam what I yam! What I'm hoping for is to get some ideas of how to do labels, write on the photos, what folks really think of slide shows...that sort of thing. I am going to take to heart what you said about how to keep it from becoming boring. Y'all are probably right about just talking about one thing. I know I like to read different stuff...especially if its funny. Life (and me) is just too short for a frown.

  3. Hi Tami!
    Lovely home and true! I am very familiar with your area....lots of family upstate and both my husband and I went to college up there! New York is a beautiful state!Thanks for stopping by and have a great night!
    :) Laura

  4. Laura,

    It's not my home (I wish it was), but wouldn't it make a wonderful B&B? It has tennis courts, plenty of out buildings and the grounds have remnents of old gardens. I would LOVE that place!


  5. I like the quote on the picture, so true! Thanks so much for playing along and for stopping by. I can't wait to show you my big reveal!

  6. I'm so excited to find local bloggers, I'm about 2 hours south of you and our dog is named 'Cuse after the Orangemen. I noticed a comment on 52 Flea so I thought I would pop in and say Hi!!! Great blog by the way.

  7. I know what you are talking about, my mil has a living room that is so formal and used once a year at christmas. She later built on to her home and now it is never used...I thought about all the money she could have saved, by not building and re-do the living room space she already had. I could have took a small part of that money and created a room she would have loved... thanks for coming by.

  8. WOW! What an incredible house, but the quote is so true..

    I'm putting up a new post tomorrow of my 3 New Pillow Designs. If you get a chance, stop by for a visit and say hi!
    Have a great weekend,



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